Drake Knight Armor – Elden Ring Guide

Drake Knight Armor – Elden Ring Guide

Drake Knight Armor – Elden Ring Guide

The Drake Knight Armor is an Armor piece found in Elden Ring, and is part of the Drake Knight Armor Set, which contains Drake Knight Helm, Drake Knight Armor,

Elden Ring: How To Get The AMAZING “Drake Knight” ARMOR Set TODAY! (Location & Guide)

Today I’ll be showing you how to Get The Amazing Armor Set Called The “Drake Knight” now in order to get this Armor Set you gonna have to make it toward the end of teh game, but no worries i got you covered, i’ll show you how to get there as well….Enjoy
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Elden Ring: How To Get The AMAZING “Drake Knight” ARMOR Set TODAY! (Location & Guide)

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Elden Ring – Drake Knight Set | Location

“Black iron armor worn by drake knights.
Features the spoils of a dragon catch as an emblem of pride as both dragon hunter and partake of communion.
The cape is crafted with dragon wing membrane.”

Drake Knight Armor Set – Elden Ring

I love the Wing Cape

Elden Ring Drake Knight Armor Set Location

In this guide we will show you where to get the Drake Knight Amor Set in Elden Ring.
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