Alderaan Datacron Locations – SWTOR Guide

Alderaan Datacron Locations – SWTOR Guide

Alderaan Datacron Locations – SWTOR Guide


Swtor Alderaan Datacron Guide

A quick guide to finding all Alderaan datacrons. Enjoy, hope this helps!

SWTOR Alderaan Datacron Locations Guide – Walkthrough for Both Factions

Note: All 5 Alderaan Datacrons are accessible by players of both factions using the exact walkthrough found in this video.

0:00 – Datacron 1 – (X: 1105, Y: 81). Aim +4. Jump on the small lift as shown in the video and ride it down to the Datacron. I found the jump easy to make and had Sprint active when doing it.

1:10 – Datacron 2 – (X: 2721, Y: 2497). Endurance +3. Before going after this datacron, visit (X:1867, Y:1090) and get the Red Detonite Actuator (2000 credits) and MGGS (10000 credits). The MGGS is used for Datacron #4 and for future datacrons. Once you have the Red Detointe Actuator in your possession, you can interact with the object shown in the video. This also requires you to battle through multiple ~level 30 elites, so be careful if you are a low level player. The explosion also deals damage that will kill non-level 50s in 1 hit, so back up after using it if you are not a high level.

4:09 – Datacron 3 – (X: -81, Y:-267). Presence +3. Click on the Thranta and you are on your way.

4:58 – Datacron 4 – (X: 2190, Y:-2018). Strength +4. You need the MGGS from the vendor mentioned under Datacron 2 to pull yourself to this Datacron.

5:24 – Datacron 5 – (X: -2375, Y: -424). Willpower +3. Big framed characters cannot fit through this door. You can either have a buddy go up to the top floor and stand on the balcony railing and use a grappling ability (i.e. Extricate) to pull you up to the top, or you can try pressing “c” and “p” and jumping all at the same time as you try to move through the crack, which players have reported lets you lag through the crack. True to my character’s name, I was able to get through without a hitch.

SWTOR Datacron Locations – Alderaan (Republic)

special vendor – from start
+3 Endurance – 1:50
+4 Aim – 3:46
+3 Presence – 5:57
+4 Strength – 7:08
+3 Willpower – 9:48

SWTOR – Datacron Guide – Alderaan (Empire)

Datacron Guide – Alderaan (Empire)