Terrified homeowner feared he’d ‘die on bedroom floor’ during savage attack by intruders

Joe Sharpe, 77, was savagely punched and kicked by two masked men after they broke into his home in Moor Green Lane, Moseley looking to steal an Audi S4 parked at the home

A pensioner who was brutally beaten in his own home by intruders demanding keys to an Audi car has told how he ‘thought he would die on his bedroom floor.’

Joe Sharpe, 77, was savagely punched and kicked by two masked men after they broke into his home in Moor Green Lane, Moseley.

The pair were looking to steal an Audi S4 parked on his driveway and shouted at him: “Where are the keys, bro?”

But the motor belonged to his friend who had taken the keys with him on a visit to London, Birmingham Live reports.

The vehicle has since been sold by Mr Sharpe’s pal as he was so “distraught” over the circumstances surrounding the pensioner’s attack.

The grandfather-of-four suffered fractures of his spine, pelvis, both hips and ribs, as well as a bleed on the brain, the damage of the kicking to his face and a dislocated arm.

Mr Sharpe said: “I was totally confused and I thought I was dreaming until the pain kicked in.

“Before they were even asking for keys I was getting battered anyway. They were with me five or six-minutes.

“I thought I was having a nightmare, which I was. I thought I was going to die on the floor. I had nobody to help me.

“I’d already been knocked unconscious otherwise I would have had a go back at them, which wouldn’t have been a good thing in retrospect. Both of them were kicking me.”

The retired electrician, who had his own firm installing disco sound and lighting, said he had been asleep in bed, between 1.20am and 1.45am, when the attack happened last Thursday, September 23.

“First thing I knew I was pulled out of bed by my right arm and put on the floor,” he said.

“I was asked ‘where’s the f***ing keys?’ I told them I hadn’t got the keys. I tried to explain to them but they didn’t believe me. I think that’s why I got a kicking.

“I think they were young. They asked me ‘wheres the keys, bro?’ They weren’t speaking a lot, but it was the one thing I caught up on.

“The men were very vague, but the pain isn’t. The pain is real. I just want the police to catch them.”

He added: “One of them who was in the background was becoming a little bit scared because I seem to remember someone saying ‘let’s get out of here.’

“Whether it was me being a little bit brave by shouting back or whether the guy thought I was getting too much (of a beating) I don’t know.”

Mr Sharpe said he could be in Birmingham’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital for about six-weeks depending how his body reacts to treatment.

His son Tony Sharpe, 56, said: “I’ve read a lot of supportive messages out to dad from people he knows and even people he doesn’t know.

“He’s a lot more comfortable and chipper than he has been. He’s definitely feeling the love from all this. It all helps, but it’s still going to be a long process on the road to recovery.”

The Audi car has now been sold as Mr Sharpe’s friend was so upset by the attack.

“The guy whose car it was has sold it already. He’s dad’s friend and was so distraught he’s got rid of it,” he said.

“He said every time he gets in it he says all he thinks about is my dad, so he got shot of it. He was really upset about it.

“If they’d stolen the vehicle it’s replaceable, but the thing is what’s happened to dad and he can’t turn that back.

“The only thing that can give him solace on the whole situation is if these guys are caught and brought to book. Hopefully that will happen.”